30 Logos in 30 Days: Week 1

Last Monday we officially started our 30 Logos in 30 Days Challenge. This challenge has really been pushing me to try some new styles and think a little bit differently about how I not only approach logo design, but any creative project. But I must admit there has been a downside – SLEEP. I’m a full-time designer/developer and a mom so I don’t usually work on these until right before bed. Well, lets just say jump-starting your brain to work on a creative project right before bed isn’t the best idea. But I guess that makes me think this challenge is doing exactly what I want it to do – kick my brain into high-gear and force me out of a creative block.

Check out my logos from week 1….

Day 1: 30 Logos in 30 Days

Day 2: The Big Little Run


T-shirt Mockup

Day 3: Fake Band Logo


Vinyl Mockup

DAY 4: Lunch on a Stick

Day 5: Giphy Fail

Day 6: Joseph’s Beard

Day 7: Sam’s M&M’s Stash

Check back for week 2…. assuming I can keep this up!