30 Logos in 30 Days: Week 2

As predicted, I’m slowly falling behind on this project, but as of right now, I’m at least caught up for week 2! I thought for sure by this point I would start to feel a little stuck, but the opposite is happening. I’m pushing myself and branching out of my comfort zone – trying to make sure I always create each logo with a different style than the day before. Because like my portfolio professor at SCAD constantly reminded us: your book should never look like one person made it – advice I try to remind myself with every project I take on. So check out my logos for week 2:

Day 8: Timesheets are Due!


Day 9: My dog, Bourbon


Day 10: My favorite pumpkin treat, A PSL


Day 11: Bagel Day


Day 12: Witch’s Brew


Day 13: National Hermit Day


Day 14: National Candy Corn Day


Check back for week 3!