30 Logos in 30 Days: Week 3

Alright. I’m still holding in there. Week 3 of this challenge is complete! Though, I made one huge mistake this week. One of our days was a “Free Space”, which meant we could do whatever we wanted. Well, I picked myself. And as every designer knows, the single hardest thing to make is something for yourself. So I overthought it, spent too much time on it, and fell several days behind. But alas, I have a logo now, so that’s a plus.

I also started thinking about some solid advice from my first graphic design class at SCAD. It was a class were there were no computers (GASP) and we had to sketch out all our ideas. But I remember a great takeaway from that class: Whatever your first idea is, go ahead, write it down, sketch it, get it on paper….. and then throw it away. Because if it’s your FIRST idea, then it’s not unique. That’s kinda how this challenge is — all of these logos have been “the first idea”. It’s why you can’t look at this challenge and think “well, if she can make 30 logos in 30 days, it must not take very long to make a logo”. Not true. These are concepts, but I can’t say they’re all very original. Sure, I have a few I really like from this challenge, but they aren’t all winners (for instance, I can’t stand the Common Sense logo I made). But it’s an important task as a designer – get that first idea out of your head and then think better.

Day 15: Halloween


Day 16: Day of the Dead


Day 17: Free Space (Personal Logo)


Day 18: Brainstorming


Day 19: Common Sense


Day 20: Greek Mythology (“Cybele”)


Day 21: Favorite Podcast (“The Black Tapes”)


Check back in next week for the final week of the challenge!