30 Logos in 30 Days: Week 4

After 118 days, I have finally completed my 30 logos in 30 days challenge. To be fair, I should have seen that coming – I did say in week 2 I was surprised I was keeping with it… but I was determined to finish this project.

I will say I feel this project successfully achieved what I wanted to get out of it. I didn’t start this project to have 30 of the most well-designed logos I’ve ever had in my portfolio – that quite simply wasn’t my end goal. My end goal was to push myself, and to break through creative blocks. And I have to say, it worked. It has given me a whole new outlook on how to approach a logo project but also made me very aware of my weaknesses in logo design and how to strengthen them. Plus, when you’re a designer whose been in a developer world for the past 5+ years, it’s always refreshing to return to your original craft. Do I love every logo I created during this project? Of course not. Do I think from here on out my craft will continue to grow and I will be more successful at breaking through creative blocks? 100%. Will I do this project again? We’ll see.

My final week+ of logos is below. To see the full list of logos – check out my project for 30 Logos in 30 Days!

Day 22: Burger Joint

Day 23: LOL

Day 24: Canada

Day 25: Pay Day

Day 26: Friday Fun Lunch

Day 27: Brunch

Day 28: Pizza Party

Day 29: Favorite TV Show (Real Housewives of NYC)

(here’s a reference for you non-housewives fans)

Day 30: The End

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