Let’s talk Snapchat

It’s probably worth having a little background info about myself before getting into this post. I’m a female, front-end developer, 30-something Millennial. And yes, I’ll own the fact I’m a Millennial, I’m barely in the group, but I’m there.

When I first heard about Snapchat it was introduced to me as something “the kids are using these days” (no, seriously, someone said that). So…. I was reluctant to give it a try. I mean I have 1038383821 apps on my phone – why 1 more?? And 1 more none of my 30-something friends are on? I wasn’t sold.

But alas, I caved. Because at the end of the day… I work in advertising as a developer, so it would be stupid if I didn’t learn more about it right? Right.

So I downloaded it.

I opened it.

I got my account setup and….


I remember saying “This is the poorest UI design I have ever seen!! This is so stupid! What am I even doing?!? This is so stupid! Wait, wtf is this button??? THIS IS SO STUPID”.

I wanted to give up on it until my Creative Director said to me “you should see my kids on it… they figured it out so fast”. And that’s when it hit me….


I gave it another shot, and I have to admit… I’m now on the bandwagon. The UI makes complete sense to me now. Sure it took some learning on my end but once I learned the basics, I loved the speed of using this app. When you open most social apps, you instantly go to a screen that shows a feed of your friends’ posts, but this isn’t the case with Snapchat. Snapchat recognizes that it’s users may be trying to capture a moment quickly, and therefore opens directly to the screen to take a photo or record a video. The other thing I like it is does a great job utilizing gestures to quickly navigate around the app. As soon as I have something to post, I can post it to my story, send it to friends and then with a quick swipe to the left, I can see any recent updates from my friends or discover stories from tons of brands that are using Snapchat.

And isn’t speed what everyMillennial wants? We do NOT want to waste our time. We know what we want, and we want to get their fast! And if we don’t, we’ll get completely sidetracked, lose focus, start something new, get another notification about a like on Instagram and BOOM…. We’re out.

So Snapchat – I’m sorry. I’m sorry I went all “old Millennial” on you and called you stupid. You made a UI that completely explains how the brain of Millennials works and reminds those in the older generations (and even us old Millennials) that we might be old dogs, but we can learn new tricks.

And perhaps that’s why you have the dog face filter on the app every single day.