Person holding sign that says Vote Is not a 4-letter word with a blue to red gradient overlay on the image


This campaign works to get people to realize that there really is no excuse for not exercising your right to vote. Logo

NoExcuseSC: Bus Wrap Design
NoExcuseSC: Social Graphics

NoExcuseSC: Poster Design
NoExcuseSC: Car Decal Design

NoExcuseSC: Excuse Name Badges

NoExcuseSC: Printable Flyers
NoExcuseSC: PowerPoint Template Design

NoExcuseSC: Vote Type Treatment

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NoExcuseSC: Press Mockup on Mobile

NoExcuseSC: Website Design and Development


Educate voters while simultaneously encouraging South Carolinians to check their registration, update their info and vote.


Utilize a grassroots-inspired protest-like campaign to educate constituents on the ease and importance of voting.


Press briefings demonstrated the new system while online press kits, field marketing efforts and a heavy social campaign informed the public.


Secured more than 30 targeted media hits, grew the social following 22% including 55,000 engagements and over 2 million impressions, registered 399 new voters in-person and performed 2,000 voter-system demos.

CLIENT: SC State Election Commission


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