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Solvent Networks: Logo Design

Complex business issues, solved.

We wanted the logo mark to really draw you in—as if your eyes are solving a puzzle as you review it. M.C. Escher was a master at it, so we took inspiration from his work in both this and our brand video.

Solvent Networks: Branded Stationery Design
Solvent Networks: Business Card Design

Solvent Networks: Branded Swag

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Solvent Networks: Branded Swag

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Solvent Networks: Website


Rebrand the SC Hospital Association’s solutions division to better project the passion for solving South Carolina's most complex healthcare business issues.


Create a sophisticated and valued brand identity that aligns better metrics with better business decisions through a trusted strategic partner.


Full brand identity, from naming to logo and tagline, website and marketing materials as well as a launch event for internal stakeholders.


Brand awareness grew 60% in six months, with verbatims reflecting the desired positioning.

CLIENT: SC Hospital Association


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