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Keeping Your Team Sane

Prioritizing Mental Health in the Advertising Industry

The advertising industry has a history of normalizing working long hours and burning out employees, but it’s time we normalize making mental health a priority. The pandemic forced many companies to rethink how their teams got the job done: working from home, having more flexible hours during the day and encouraging more effective communication efforts. As we continue to grow and learn from the pandemic, it’s time for our industry to return to a better normal – and not slide back to the way we used to operate.

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About Danielle Salley

Danielle Salley is an Advertising Creative / Associate Interactive Director at Chernoff Newman located in Columbia, SC. With nearly 20 years of experience in design, development, and advertising – she’s witnessed the highs and lows of the industry she loves. When the pandemic hit, Danielle found it a necessity to not only prioritize her own mental health but use it as a time to push team leaders to focus on returning to better while leaving the “return to normal” mentality in the past.

Her passion for advertising is clearly seen through her dedication to the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Through this organization, she has been awarded National President of the Year (AAF Midlands, 2014), Member of the Year (AAF Midlands, 2016), National Governor of the Year (AAF District 3, 2020), and is a Silver Medal recipient (AAF Midlands, 2021). She currently serves on the AAF National Board of Directors and was elected the Vice Chair of the AAF Council of Governors. 

Outside of the office, Danielle enjoys playing tennis, riding her Peloton (#RideSalleyRide), and enjoying quality time with her husband, Will, and daughter, Genevieve.

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