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SC Education Lottery

Chernoff Newman

Branding, Art Direction


Branding, Logo Design

The SC Education Lottery wanted to break down barriers of entry for new and infrequent players by introducing the easy-to-play Cash Pop game. The brand identity created was fun and inviting yet not over-the-top sales-y. The logo features neon lights over palmetto fronds, a tree native to SC.

Photography by James Quantz Jr Photography. Video Production by dustoftheground.

Cash Pop Logo

The Light of the Party

After the logo and branding were created, the next step was bringing the brand to life through various media tactics, including TV spots – and we brought Cash Pop to life quite literally. See, Cash Pop can fit into any scenario seamlessly, whether a player is going out for fun or staying in for a quiet night with friends. We personified its image as a Cash Pop person – one who was the life of the party. Only, because our branded identity was a neon sign, this game became the light of the party.

Young woman and man in front of Cash Pop logo

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