Keeping Your Team Sane

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Prioritizing Mental Health in the Advertising Industry

For the past two years, I’ve been keeping notes on what’s been helpful for me and my team members to “stay sane” while working during a pandemic. Working full-time, being a mom, taking on a national-level volunteer leadership role…. it’s, a lot. Yet somehow over the past two years, I’ve managed more than ever to focus on my mental health and made that a priority (probably mostly due to the encouragement of my therapist). 

I decided to compile my notes into a topic called “Keeping Your Team Sane” because I found the more I talked about my mental health with colleagues in our industry, the more I discovered we all have similar stories. We were all looking for ways to recharge so we wouldn’t keep working until we felt like we hit a wall going 100mph (spoiler alert: we’re trying to avoid that). The advertising industry was already known for long hours and burning out employees, but during the pandemic… suddenly it felt non-stop.

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I’m nervous but excited to share this topic because it is forcing me outside my comfort zone, but it’s a topic I want to discuss. And I’m eager to find out what I’ll learn from others in our industry. I truly feel when you prioritize the mental health of your team, your company and clients will only benefit from it. 

My goal for this presentation? To share my thoughts and tips that have worked for me. Share ideas that were given to me by others in the field. Remind people in our industry it’s okay to take a break, it’s okay to recharge, and it’s ok to set boundaries. Let’s discuss why and how our industry can learn from the positives that came out of the past two years, and return to, not normal, but better. 

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